Thursday, January 29, 2009


I am very lucky for today because... I got caught by the Traffic Police for jay-walking for the second time around in Colon Street, Cebu - the oldest street in the Philippines. On my way to school from work. Yeah. "Got caught" as in I had to hand over my I.D to them to let them take down my particulars. I got away with a fine of $1.00 or Php 50.00). Fine. I did jaywalk. I did deserve that. But I really find no wrong in jaywalking.

It's dangerous at some point, I admit. But how dangerous can it be, where there's clearly no freaking vehicles on the road? And besides, it's rushing for time versus following the rules. Why on earth should I be at the pedestrian crossing, waiting for 1 minute plus for the lights to turn green before crossing and missing the jeepney as a result? It's a lot faster if I just cross the road when I deem it's safe to do so. At least, I can still catch the jeep and be in time for my examination.

Speaking of mock board examinations, 2 more days to Saturday! Absolute yayness for that!

Now where was I? Ah, right. Jaywalking.

Fair enough, the presense of a police officer may deter me not to jaywalk. However, once the officers are gone, I will still do my jaywalking. No big deal.

Well, anyway... I just wanna share these lots of funny excuses when you're caught for Jaywalking.


Friday, January 23, 2009

How does Intel's Closure affects me ?

Image representing Intel as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBase
As an Electronics and Communications Engineering (EcE) Student, I was surprised greatly when Intel made a huge announcement a day after Barack Obama's inauguration.

Intel is one of my dream company to work with after my graduation (hopefully this March) but with this headline focusing on Intel's closure is very disheartening. Electronics industries are really slowing down remarkably. For ECE graduating students like me, this is a great concern for us and think if we can land a job that relates to our field of expertise or soon realized that our course is no longer in demand? Time to shift to another course like Nursing? No way...

According to the company's statement, Intel will close down its entire facility in Cavite, and that means laying off as much as 1,800 employees. It’s really saddening to see this happening, considering the fact that many of their employees have been with them for over a decade. In a TV news, a reporter was able to talk to one of the higher managers at Intel, who will be one of those employees that will be laid off.

Not just intel but other chip makers like AMD - Intel's main rival, also suffers the same economic malaise.

Charlie Barnhart cited 5 ways that Electronics Manufactures can hurdle this storm


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Major Overhaul in my Blog

If you’ve been to my site at all in the past months, I’m guessing you’ve realized things look a bit different! I’m in the process of changing things around. I’m giving the site a fresh look and adding some of the pictures I’ve taken since the fall to my portfolio. One other thing that needed to be changed was how my blog was setup. So, all my old post templates are gone! I thought about putting them back again, but I think I’ll keep moving on perhaps. I'm still having a problem in my blog permalinks. Instead, I plan on posting a few best-of’s from 2008. Check back soon for updates. Thanks for checking in. CONTINUE READING ►

Gdrive - Free Online Storage from Google.

Google is yet surprising everyone with another promising product on this year 2009, the Gdrive. Well, it's like uploading the whole computer data online and have access to it from any where on the world? Simple as that.

It's like a file hosting service, if you're used to some services like,, etc... Gdrive might change your mind into something new like a virtual hard drive online.

They called it as the legendary “GDrive” product as one of the most anticipating product of Google this year according to the online Google Wishlist Thread.

How about the Privacy of all my uploaded stuffs here? Will it be indexed online and can be seen by everyone? Well, Mr. Big G should answer that or will they care for that? or Ads will displayed on every filtered files?

For me, this would be really awesome as it will be available for FREE! But if there's a paid feature offering unlimited space that will also be a good option. I'm sure Google will make more money out of it.

Microsoft already has its own drive in the cloud called — of course — Skydrive. As a registered Live user you get 25 GB of storage.

It is not a matter of “if” Google will launch such a service, only a question of “when”.


Friday, January 16, 2009

My Permalinks are not Crawled in Google SERPs

Something really weird is going on, and I don’t know whether the problem is with my blog, with blogger service or with google bot. My permalinks are no longer being crawled. Only the main page. This means that once a given post goes to the second page of the blog, it is no longer on google index.

Now this post, which is still on my main page, has the word
“bisdak blogger”.

Here is the search result:

As you can see, google shows that post only on the main page, but not the permalink, which is not in the index. The same is happening with all the posts written in January.

Any idea about what is causing the problem and what should I do to fix it?

Thanks a lot!